About Us

Multy Coco Products (Pvt) Ltd was established three decades ago and is now a pioneer in the manufacture of coconut shell charcoal and coir based products. At the earliest stages charcoal was manufactured according to the traditional technique. We changed the technique of charcoal production about 5 years ago by the introduction of Eco friendly method. We have been in the charcoal export industry during the last decade. We have introduced our new product Primo BBQ Charcoal Briquettes, Which is a byproduct of granulated coconut shell charcoal. Our main product categories are

  1. Coconut Shell Charcoal
  2. Rubberized Coir Net
  3. BBQ Charcoal
  4. Twisted Fiber


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    Address: Multy Coco Products ( Pvt ) Ltd,
    Clara Tower,
    No 71/2,
    Aintree Street,
    Colombo 5,
    Sri Lanka.
    Factory: “Wessagiri”,
    Sri Lanka.

    Tel: +94 11 5757621
    Mobile: +94 77 7763621
    Fax: + 94 33 2273175
    Email: multycoco@sltnet.lk

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