Rubberized Coir net

This is manufactured out of natural coir fibre and natural latex. As twisted coir fibre is un twisted and used to form the mattress it has unique spring effect and good for health. Available in difference sizes and thickness.

Rubberized coir spring cover sheets / pads spring cover is produced by using rubberized coir which gives the comfort, flexibility and insulation to the mattress.

Rubberized coir pads could be used in upholstery with various sizes.


  1. For spring mattresses
  2. As padding for quality upholstery and seats of vehicles
  3. As a sound and heat insulating material in the construction industry
  4. In horticulture - as the principal material in basket liners and coco-poles
  5. Package: In coils - 22 kg
  6. For the prevention of erosion of sides of roads, canals and rivers

Geo Textiles

  • 100% natural, organic blanket, made out of Natural coco fibre.
  • It is a soil stabilizer, which is used in soil bio engineering to control erosion and sedimentation and also in civil engineering.
  • The use of the product is in erosion control and / or plant growth on embankments on the sides of roads, rivers, and canals.
  • The net could also be used for shade in nurseries.
  • Lay before carpeting roads to eliminate vibration.
  • Mesh size, number of strings, eye size as per buyers requirement and supplied in roll form with various width's and lengths. It is 100% natural and bio degradable


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